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Leiria trip

Leiria trip

On a Leiria trip you’ll be visiting what is probably amongst the very few, lower key Portuguese tourist towns, it’s a small and quiet place, during the day, however at night the nightlife is surprisingly active thanks to the student population.

When it comes to attractions, the place doesn’t abound, even though it’s a pretty old city, it’s one that hasn’t developed as much.

The city’s centre features one of the few green spaces in the city, outside the banks of the river, a small garden that has been there for quite a while, it’s good to use it as a reference point while navigating through Leiria.

Then there’s the local castle – many if not most old towns and cities in this region have some sort of fortified structure overlooking them, stemming from much more turbulent times – however in tune with the city’s size and overall vibe, it’s not as exciting as one might think, when you think about a castle. The place is mostly empty, however it does offer a great view over the town and allows you to get a better idea of the layout.

The Rodrigues Lobo square is a pedestrianized area, and while this means that it actually doesn’t see as much traffic as it otherwise would, this has been a boon to the charm of the area. This is where you’ll find narrow and winding old streets and small shops dealing in traditional commerce, as well as cafes and esplanades of course.

There are a few museums in the city, quite odd museums if you think of it, there’s the country’s only Museum of the Moving Image and the Paper Museum – which is situated at the site of the country’s first paper mill.

These are a few of the things that you can do in Lieria, make sure you employ our Leiria car hire services in order to see as much of it as possible.



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