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Italian destination: Pisa

Italian destination: Pisa

It is still not too late to decide on an impromptu Christmas trip to someplace great, so today we are going to explore a beautiful Italian destination: Pisa.

Italy means sun and beauty, art and exuberance. There is something special about every town in this amazing country that reminds us so vividly about the Renaissance and about beautiful dreams of the past and the present. And Pisa, set in the dreamy Tuscan landscape, is a symbol of Italy.

Lying between of two rivers, the Arno and the Serchio, both forming a lagoon at the wide blue Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Middle Ages, Pisa was a renowned maritime force, one of the 4 historical Maritime Republics of Italy, controlling most of the commerce on the sea.
Pisa is a place of art, culture and entertainment. It is most famous for the Leaning Tower. Thousands of people come here every day and you can see them in the funniest positions, all trying to “sustain” the tower in a photo.

Afterwards, they can walk on the grass around the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli, gazing back at both the Tower behind and the magnificent Duomo.

Other places you are invited to visit are National Museum of San Matteo, housed in a Benedictine monastery, which features wonderful works of the early Renaissance, the Porto di Boccadarno, which reminds us of the old glory days of Pisa’s navy, and the Palazzo Blu, a glamourous museum with marvellous exhibitions to see.

Pisa is also the hometown of countless artists and personalities, such as Andrea Pisano, Camila Giorgi, Giovanni Gentile and Andrea Bocelli.

If you want to visit this amazing city in Italy, or any other place in the country, as a matter of fact, you are invited to rent a car and enjoy the blessing of having a vehicle at your service. And have a happy Christmas, wherever you decide to spend it!