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Istanbul trip

Istanbul trip

When people think of going on an Istanbul trip they might erroneously think that they’ll be visiting Turkey’s capital, however that would not be right, while Istanbul is by far the most well-known of Turkey’s cities, it is not in fact its capital, that city is Ankara.

Modern-day Istanbul is a very hot and happening city, and we’re not talking about the weather here either – even though it is rather hot here – we’re talking about the modern and vibrant atmosphere that is constantly fueled by new restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs. Actually these far outnumber the number of rather wonderfully exquisite Ottoman mosques – and rest assured that there are lots of those in this massive and ancient city.

The once creeping sense of decrepitude that overtook the city in decades past has been totally replaced by a sense of energy, innovation and modernism.

Visitors will be literally assaulted by an over-abundance of things to see and do, ranging from a plethora of important historic buildings to the, also quite large, number of new art galleries and museums. There is no way that you day cannot be completely full when in Istanbul, but when the sun goes down, that’s when things put on some speed.

The locals start flocking to see and be seen at the constantly growing number of bars, clubs and restaurants, thus creating a total buzz around the city. The standards of service, drinks, music and food are distinctively high and quite European, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the international nature of the city, as well as its history.

However one mustn’t understand that Istanbul has turned its back from its past or traditions, far from it, you will still be able to find the almost institutions of the meyhane, or taverns, or the quiet tea gardens.

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