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Must See Attractions in Shanghai

Must See Attractions in Shanghai

As one of the most prosperous city in China, Shanghai is also a most preferred tourist destination. The city wins the name Oriental Paris. No matter you like the pretty bridge over flowing stream or the busy and modern metropolis, the attractive landscape in Shanghai will always treat you with a surprising experience. If you plan to have a shanghai package tour, the following ten spots are highly recommended.

·The Bound
The Bound is regarded as the expo of architectures built with various Chinese and foreign styles. This area collects many western-styled buildings. Moreover, the sightseeing platform in the Bound is listed as the top spot to appreciate the scenery of Pudong District and Pujiang River.

·East Nanjing Road
East Nanjing Road is the best-known business street in Shanghai and even in China. Numbers of famous shopping mall set their branches in this street, so it is indeed a shopping paradise as well as a best tourist destination.

·Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Garden is the most visited ancient garden in Shanghai, and it is also one of the most well- known ancient gardens in southern China. Yuyuan Market locates to the west side of Yuyuan Garden. Tourists could find many century-old shops here, though the decoration of these shop are not so modernized, one will find lots of small items of good quality.

·City Gold Temple
In China, each city has its own local god. In ancient times, natives of this district superstitiously believed the city god can protect them from the evil and they built a temple to keep the figure of the city god. And all residents went to city god temple did their regular worship. To some extent, it likes the church worship in western countries.

·Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Towering beside the Huangpu River and the Pudong Park in Lujiazui, with a giddy height of 468 meters, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower is listed the world’s third and Asia’s first tallest TV tower currently. Standing in the forest of modern buildings of Lujiazui area, together with the International Architecture Exhibition of the Bund, this TV tower presents the spectacular scenery of this international metropolis. Oriental Pearl TV Tower is regarded as one of the landmark buildings and hottest tourist destinations of Shanghai.

·Longtangs in Shanghai
Longtangs in shanghai look very like Hutongs in Beijing. Both of them are alleys between rows of residential buildings. Just like Hutongs symbol the modern history of Beijing, Longtangs present the features of Shanghai’s urban civilization, which created diverse and mixed Longtang Culture. Hence Longtangs is regarded as the background tone of today’s Shanghai.

·Shanghai New World
Shanghai New World, based on the model of modern Shanghai buildings— the old Shikumen residential area, is a fashionable, cultural and recreational center that combines all the functions of dining, shopping, entertainment and others. It first changed the original residential function of this area, gave it the business function, and it innovated this old house which reflects Shanghai’s culture and history into modern center.