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Terracotta Warriors Amazing Tour

Terracotta Warriors Amazing Tour

Terracotta Warriors are the sculptures of soldiers found buried in a tomb near the tomb of Qui Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. They are not one or two but thousands in numbers. Their discovery in Xian province of China in 1974 stunned the world. Their discovery is believed to be a huge archeological discovery in recent times. People from around the world today visit China to see this terracotta army that includes not just soldiers but also horses, chariots, and real weapons used in those times. Those who are interested in ancient Chinese culture and history take terracotta warriors tour that is simple and does not tire them.

There are many companies organizing one day tour to Xian and back to Beijing for tourists who arrive in China to see and marvel at this ancient army of terracotta warriors. These tours are designed to pick up tourists from their hotel rooms in Beijing and taken via a flight to Xian in the morning. Tourists are able to see all attractions in Xian in the day including terracotta warriors and they are made to catch a flight in the evening to be back in Beijing in the same day. The services provided in these day tours include not just flights and sightseeing but also food in high quality restaurants and comfortable vehicles for pickup and conveyance. One company organizing these one day tours that has become very popular among western tourists is Beijing Tours to Terracotta Warriors.

The mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, which contains world famous terracotta army, has become very popular among tourists from western countries. This site was declared as a World Heirtage Site by UNESCO in 1987. It has been visited by leaders of nearly 200 countries till date.

It is believed that Qin Shi Huang had a desire to live forever and he was looking for elixir to achieve this goal. When he could not find a way to become immortal, he asked skilled sculptors to make an army of warriors that would stand beside his tomb to protect him in his afterlife. Besides individual warriors, there are also life size horses and chariots found in hundreds of pits that have been dug so far in Xian province. Archeologists have been conducting their excavations till date and only recently, many more terracotta warriors have been found in a new pit.

If you are interested, you can easily take a one day guided tour to Xian to see this wonderful terracotta army.