Great destinations around the world for a wild swim

Great destinations around the world for a wild swim

Summer is when swimming comes to everyone’s forefront of favorite activities and while some might be appeased with big pools or going to the seaside, some stronger swimmers are interested in more of a challenge so here’s a list of great destinations around the world for a wild swim.

Pont Du Gard – France

The rather stunning Roman aqueduct can best be seen while swimming in its shadow. The nearby beach is perfect for a picnic and the water is generally crisp but keep in mind that swimming underneath the arches is strictly forbidden because this is where the river narrows and currents swirl.

Mekong Delta – Vietnam

The Mekong might feature muddy outlets but they offer some incredibly wild swims. You can stay on a fruit farm on the very banks of the river and go for dips whenever you wish, however make sure to keep safe and out of the way of mangroves and fast-flowing waters.

Lubok Simpon – Malaysia

Just across the river from Kuala Tahan, Lubok Simpon is a wonderfully secluded swimming spot located in the world’s oldest rainforest. Pay attention because the muddy riverbed will suck at your toes but once you start swimming against the current, it’s utterly invigorating. Avoid going out for deeper water on the opposite bank, because these waters are also turbulent.

River Granta – UK

Just south of Cambridge, the Granta is ideal for a rather bracing British swim. There are quite a few swimming spots on the two-mile walk along the river from Cambridge to Grantchester. A mile and a half along the path you’ll find a small muddy beach with overhanging willows and rope swings, great for getting in and out.

There are at least a couple more places around the world where you can take a crazy wild swim, but we’re savign those for the next article. Till then don’t forget our worldwide car hire services in case you’re planning an abroad swim this year.