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Gozo trip

Gozo trip

The island nation of Malta is made of three major islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, each of them with their own particular characteristics under the wider Maltese blend of cultures, here we’ll be talking a bit about Gozo.

The island of Gozo is smaller than Malta and less developed, however it is still a very popular destination , especially with older couples. It’s seen by many to be either a great place for a very relaxed short break or a great idea for day trips from Malta, the countryside may be unspectacular but it is rather pretty, and with a plethora of churches located alongside historic fortifications and megalithic ancient temples, the island will surely keep your interest for a while.

There are several places dotted around the island that you should visit during your trip, of course it will all depend on the amount of time that you have on your hands, but it will also depend on whether or not you have a car at your disposal. The option of Gozo car rental should be taken into consideration seeing as how you’ll get to enjoy the place so much more if you can go around it at your own leisure.

Just a couple important sights that you should not miss are The Azure Window and the Ta’Pinu Basilica.

The Azure Window is a natural formation, and alongside the Inland Sea and the Blue Hole can be found on the western coast of Gozo. The Inland Sea is hardly a sea, the Maltese tend to exaggerate various characteristics slightly, for instance Mdina is referred to as a a city despite it only having about 400 inhabitants.

The Ta’Pinu Basilica can be found in open countryside pretty much and is a very important place of pilgrimage for the entire region as there are claims that miracles have occurred here. Even if you’re not going there for healing, the interior is richly decorated and the views from around it of the countryside are great.