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Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day – Part 2

Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day – Part 2

I guess we’ve had fun writing and reading last article, so here we are back on our search for the most Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day – Part 2.
Valentine’s Day has become one of the most popular and commercial holidays in the world – even though it’s not a bank holiday. Seems like there are still many people willing enough to admit they are 21st-century romantics.

Do you want to know just how fun Valentine’s Day can be?
Chocolate is one of the most popular little gift given on Valentine’s Day. Casanova, the most famous lover of all time, is said to have eaten chocolate to increase his virility. So now we know his secret!

XOXO – Kiss – hug – kiss – hug, right? But did you actually know this comes from the Middle Ages? Back then, few people could write. But that didn’t stop them from sending cards. They would sign the valentines (cards) with an “x” for their names and then kiss it.

And talking about cards, Americans send almost 150 million every year on Valentine’s Day, a number surpassed only by Christmas cards.

Women are more romantic than men, yes. But apparently this claim is upheld by statistics, as 80% of Valentine’s Day gifts and cards are purchased by women.

On the other hand, almost all the flowers and chocolate boxes on Valentine’s Day are bought by men.

Roses are the most popular flowers during this season. 1890 million red roses are sold on February 14th in the US. But even though California produces 60% of the flowers in the country, the majority of these are imported from South America.

And here’s to some awesome women! Apparently as many as 15% of women send themselves valentines and gifts!

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