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The secrets of Bucharest

The secrets of Bucharest

Dear friends, would you be interested in a trip to Romania? It is a friendlier and more beautiful place than one would imagine, definitely one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Romania. The secrets of Bucharest await for you to decide to come visit this contrasting and fascinating city. Let’s find out a little more about the capital city of Romania!

Bucharest is actually a big metropolis. It’s the 6th greatest capital city in Romania. And also if we talk big, the “House of People”, the building that houses the House of Parliament, is the second largest building in the world (only outranked by the Pentagon in the USA).

Bucharest has… a sort of lake. Lacul Morii (which translates into “the Lake of the Mill”) is an artificial lake created by the communists to impede the outflow of Dambovita River. At the center of this artificial lake, the authorities meant to build an island that would serve as a place of relaxation for the locals.

Although it has hosted several concerts and exhibits after the Revolution, the “island” on Lacul Morii is today little more than a stretch of land covered by bushes.

L’Arc de Triomphe by Gustave Eiffel is a symbol of Paris. But did you know there is a smaller replica in Bucharest as well? Its resemblance to the original is striking, aside from the difference in size. What’s more interested to know is that it was initially built from wood. Its purpose was to honor the bravery of the soldiers who fought during the First World War.

Built in 1860, Cismigiu is the oldest park in Bucharest. It is lovely during spring and summer and open free of charge. You are all welcome to come visit.

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