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Valentine’s day in West London

Valentine’s day in West London

As February is approaching there are many of us who are looking for romantic ideas for spending the Valentine’s Day in West London. We are trying here to give you a few hints about making this day a memorable one for your lover and prove your love to him or her.

How about a picnic at Holland Park, also called “London’s most romantic park”? You could both enjoy the beautiful trees of the park and its idyllic scenery or take a visit to the Japanese-style gardens that can be found in the middle of the park.

For a special experience close to the sky you can take your lover to the London Eye. For a price of more or less  £19.97 you will have a spectacular view over London.

Have a Cinema Day! Ok, it might seem a classic idea for a date, but it is also a romantic one. Of course, don’t forget to look for a romantic film.

West London is the home of a beautiful canal hot-spot, having the form of Little Venice, so, if you want to feel like you are in an Italian trip to the romantic Venice but not getting out of London, just take a canal boat ride. What could be more romantic than that?

Have dinner to a good restaurant! Sharing a meal is a very romantic idea for a date. In west London there are so many delicious restaurants to choose from, staring from Chinese cuisine to French food. It only depends on your culinary taste.

These are only a few ideas about the best things to do in West London on the Valentine’s Day. Off course you could choose to spend your day at home, or at your hotel where you can have a romantic dinner with your lover.