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Faro trip

Faro trip

Those talking about a Faro trip may be familiar with the name, but only those who have been to the Algarve at least once, but there are quite a few individuals out there who aren’t that much in the know about both Faro or the Algarve, so let’s illuminate them a bit.

Faro is a city located in the southern part of Portugal, in a region generally known as the Algarve. The region is by far the most popular holiday destination in the country, and one of the most popular in Europe thanks to a wonderful blend of great weather and a plethora of attractions and activity opportunities.

While the Algarve is populated by mostly resorts, resort-towns and villages, Faro is the largest city in it, and the capital of the region as well. This is where the international Faro Airport is located and as such it’s where visitors from abroad will be landing at if they come visit the region.

Those who will take the time out of their vacation to spend a bit of time in Faro, will notice that it’s quite a different experience from the rest of the region. Faro is a working city, much more active than the laid back atmosphere of the resorts, however this helps to offer you a much clearer idea of what actual life is for the inhabitants of this southern region, because the resorts are rather touristy.

But even though you’ll get that actual slice-of-life action, the city is still old and it has a wonderfully preserved medieval quarter, and narrow cobblestoned streets.

The city also has quite a unique attraction when it comes to its Bone Chapel, a very spooky but interesting attraction which should definitely not be missed while you’re there.

Besides all of these, you’ll still get access to beaches, museums and plenty of dining and drinking opportunities, so employ our Faro transfers services in order to enjoy as much of this place as possible.