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Easter destinations – Bucovina, Romania

Easter destinations – Bucovina, Romania

Easter is the most important religious holiday for most of Christianity. Each country and region has its own customs and traditions so this is a great excuse to go out traveling to visit them and today we’ll be looking at a country you may not know a lot about and a region within it that you know even less about

Bucovina, Romania

The region of Bucovina is one of the most beautiful and picturesque ares in Romania and is an excellent place to spend the Easter Holiday thanks to the overall atmosphere that pervaides the place durign this time.

Bucovina is home to a rather unique tradition of painting and decorating eggs, a beautiful and original custom transformed into a veritable art by the locals who have practiced it for generations.

This region is well-known for its beautifully painted monasteries and for being a quiet part of the country, not as urbanized, where people still dress up in traditional holiday garb during this most important celebration of their Christian-Orthodox faith.

The local traditions have it that the week prior to Easter – Holy Week – starts with the Sunday of Flowers, a celebration in which all those with names of flowers are celebrated and willow branches are brought to the church in order to be sanctified.

When Black Thursday comes around, women will be dyeing the eggs and bake a traditional Easter bread called “pasca”, during the evening all the people will head to the church. Saturday night at midnight the bells start ringing and thus the message is being sent that Jesus has indeed risen and people crowd the churches to receive “Paste” – a piece of consecrated bread soaked in holy wine as well as “Light” – fire coming from the constantly burning candle in each church’s altar room.

Then when Great Sunday rolls around, you better have your appetite ready because Romanian have an almost dangerous way of celebrating these types of festivities with almost inhuman amounts of incredibly good tasting foods and drink.

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