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St Petersburg tours

St Petersburg tours

There are lots of reasons one might want to visit the great city of St Petersburg and while some prefer to go for the backpacking route or some like to plan their travel in very minute detail, but those who don’t go for any of those options, there’s always the option of st petersburg tours.

St. Petersburg is pretty much the cultural and tourist capital of Russia, attracting millions of tourist each year and since the best season to visit the city is approaching – between the months of May and September – it’s about time to look into employing st petersburg tours to visit this wonderful place.

People are attracted to St. Petersburg by its magnificent streets, cathedrals, bridges as well as its history and culture but those who take it upon themselves to plan their trip might become overwhelmed by the plethora of palaces, parks, monuments and all other manner of places of interests that they can visit.

Seeing everything is quite problematic as there are quite a lot of them and depending on the amount of time that you spend there you might not have access to each place because even landmarks have days when they’re closed to the public so gathering all of that information via the Internet – while possible – can be fraught with problems.

That’s why it’s considered a better idea to go for the option of st petersburg tours since these organized outings will have updated schedules and very well-practiced routes a their disposal. Not to mention the fact that they’ll also have breaks for meals here and then perfectly spaced throughout a day.

Some of the major landmarks that simply must be part of your St Petersburg tour are the Hermitage and Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress and St. Isaac’s cathedral, to name just a few.



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