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An amazing low cost skiing excursion in Romania – Part 1

An amazing low cost skiing excursion in Romania – Part 1

Winter is coming – which has really become more than a motto, it just happens to be the reality. And winter means, among other exciting things, fun in the snow for those who are passionate about winter sports. If you are ready for a new experience this year, today we would like to explore the option of an amazing low cost skiing excursion in Romania.
Romania is known for its amazing, breathtaking Carpathian Mountains, home to an outstanding fauna and flora. Bears, wolves and wild cats prowl the deep forests. Meanwhile, down in the towns, at the foot of the mountains, there are beautiful mountain resorts to speak of, some of which offer winter sports facilities, such as skiing, sledding or skating.
In the following, we were thinking we might explore some of the most renowned skiing resorts and the regions where you can find them in Romania.
The resorts of Prahova Valley (located in Prahova County) are renowned for their beauty and their modern/ traditional look. In Sinaia, for instance, you will get a German feel, with all the baroque, rustic-looking houses and the beautiful, romantic Peles Castle. At an altitude of over 2000 meters, deep into the mountain, there are a few skiing slopes to explore in Sinaia: Carp Track (2500 m), Tourist Track (2800 m), Drumul Vechi Track (3500 m).
Also in Prahova, in Busteni, you can find slopes even higher: Gura Diham Track (4000 m), while in Azuga you can practice your favorite sport at Cazacu Track (2200 m) and Sorica Track (2100 m).
These are just a few of many options, and Prahova Valley is just region number one to explore. Nearby, you can also rent a car in Ploiesti to enjoy the freedom of your own vehicle for the holidays.
Next time, we will travel farther into the Carpathians…



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