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Culinary travels: Champagne

Culinary travels: Champagne

We have already agreed that traveling is one of the sweetest things in this world; but how about we add some more flavor to this pursuit? Tell us your view on culinary travels: Champagne is the first stop.

We all know the giddy feeling a sip of this sparkling soft wine. But do we often stop to think about the fact that the name comes from the French region of Champagne? The region borders with Belgium and is an idyllic countryside territory, with picturesque villages, green pastures and of course, many rich vineyards.

Here are also three fun facts about Champagne:

  1. It’s (kind of) illegal to label all sparkling wines “Champagne”; the EU regulations, anyway, reserve this right to the wine producers in the French region.
  2. Almost 50 million bubbles can fit into a regular Champagne bottle.
  3. Champagne is usually sipped from a special, gracious glass, the original model of which was apparently designed from a mold of the breast of notorious Marie Antoinette.
  4. The origins of Champagne are somewhat obscure, but it did appear in Medieval and pre-modern writings. The first sparkling Champagne was actually invented by accident, as the pressure of the bottle made it explode and earned its name of “le vin du diable” (“the devil’s wine”). It became a popular beverage and a “royal” symbol in the 19th century, being exported all around the world.
  5. Champagne may seem sweet and soft, but don’t let that trick you! Unless you take your Champagne in small sips, you risk getting a serious headache.

In your culinary travels, we wish you get to see the region of Champagne with your own eyes, admire its natural beauty, learn about its wine production and sip the veritable sparkling wine! If you need transport there, you can always call on Paris airport transfers.