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Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are? – Part 3

Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are? – Part 3

Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are? We are just preparing to pose you this question for the third time around. There are a lot of buildings and constructions that have withstood the test of time and that have grown to be some of the greatest and most recognizable symbols of peoples, of humanity and of the face of civilization.

Today we are going to see three more such examples of the most famous monuments of the world. Can you guess them all and their location before we uncover it? Let’s see!

Central America is recognized for being home to the relics of some of the greatest ancient civilizations, probably the most famous of which being the Mayan one. The Temple of the Jaguar in the deep jungle was built in the ancient city of Tikal to house the tomb of a great ruler.

The Atomium is one of the greatest symbols in Belgium and in the whole of Europe. It is a huge iron structure meant to mimic the perfect symmetry of an actual atomium. Inside it, there are cinemas and restaurants and the interior is a sort of museum all ready to be visited if you are interested.

One of the greatest symbols of the USA, Mount Rushmore is a natural wonder (plus the utterly human masterful carvings that have shaped the peaks of the mountains into the heads of some of the greatest founding fathers of the United States). Having taken 14 years and the work of hundreds of workers to complete, it features the busts of three of the greatest American presidents: Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Begun in 1882 (and not yet fully completed), the Sagrada Familia, a majestic cathedral at the heart of Barcelona, remains the greatest masterpiece of Catalan architect and artist Antoni Gaudi. It mixes Spanish, European, Catalan, Christian and modern symbols and motifs in a mixture you can never forget. The city that hosts this wonder also contains other works by Gaudi, so we advise you to book a Barcelona rental car online and enjoy!



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