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Nice, a wonderful French dream

Nice, a wonderful French dream

I dreamed a dream… to visit Nice, a wonderful French dream. And I am going to be telling you about this; because guess what: these days, dreams are at the palm of your hand, so close you can touch them and with a little bit of planning and savings, you can make them come true.

So if you are planning to spend some time basking in the sun on the much coveted French Riviera, Nice is just the place for you.

The beautiful town has a lovely air and a retro and bohemian touch mingles with the high class restaurants that line the small beach. So after you have spent a little bit of time lying in the sun, there are some other activities you can envision here.

Babazouk is the popular name of the “Vieille Ville” – the old center town of Nice. This fascinating maze of cobblestone streets with chick houses and a rustic air used to inspire the Impressionists and writers and has an Italian air to it. You can and should stop by the Galerie des Ponchettes (the museum dedicated to Raoul Dufy), but also the Musée Alexis et Gustav-Adolf Mossa and the 17th century Baroque Nice Cathedral.

As you leave the Old Town, with a gentle air of melancholy, you can hop on your Nice rental car and go to the Promenade des Anglais, the most popular rendezvous place, just outside the beaches on the Baie des Anges, the actual coastal side of Nice. this is an ever lively and beautiful site, always filled with sunny happy faces and elegant people walking by after having enjoyed a look at the wonderful cerulean sea.

Henri Matisse, one of the most famous ingabitants of the city, lived in his family’s house in the city between 1918 and 1954. Today, the mansion houses the Matisse Museum and is one of the favorite attractions in the city.