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Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are? – Part 2

Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are? – Part 2

Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are? We are back with some more challenges. Can you think of a bunch more landmarks recognizable throughout media and schoolbooks and etched in our minds? Let’s find out!

One of the most beautiful – let’s say visually dramatic – churches in the world is the Russian Orthodox St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. With its wonderful colorful minarets and central position in the Red Square, the now-museum church has been towering over the Russian nights since the year of its consecration, in 1561.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a speaking proof that sometimes accidents can be very fortunate. Funny architectural miscalculation led to the bell tower behind the Pisa Cathedral to lean at a seemingly dangerous degree (almost 4 degrees, actually). It’s been caused by an inadequate foundation and began in the 14th century, though efforts in the 20th century partly remedied the issue. And it’s fortunate that the anomaly was only partly fixed, because it is the sheer wonder that a construction can stand despite this wonderful, dysfunctional engineering what brings thousands of people here.

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If the French have the notorious Eiffel Tower, whatever could keep the Japanese to build their own Tokyo Tower? The answer: absolutely nothing! Inaugurated in 1958, the Tokyo Tower is used for communications and tourist purposes (housing museums, restaurants and being a symbol of the modern Japanese city). Measuring almost 333 meters in height, the tower is the second tallest structure in Japan (after the Tokyo Skytree).

And why not end our chat today on a melancholy and fairytale note? The statue of the Little Mermaid on the waterside of the Langelinie promenade is the most recognizable landmark in Copenhagen, Denmark, a dreamy place that you simply must explore.



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