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Camping in France

Camping in France

Usually, what is (arguably) the most romantic country in the world is assimilated with prestige and high class, with fancy – if a little uptight soirees, expensive venues and sophisticated cuisine. But today, we explore a more informal but equally appealing point of view: camping in France!

Just as we are advised never to judge people by appearances, so is the case for countries. For an average budget, you can plan a dream vacation in France in one of the countless camping facilities scattered around the country.

You can make a camping reservation from the privacy of your own home, through the internet. It takes little time and you will have a variety of options to choose from.

But first, let’s see why we should choose the camping option. Because this is the favorite vacation option for over 6 million tourists every year (and this is only in France). It is comfortable, cost-efficient and will offer you the possibility to spend quality time with your family or group of friends, making unforgettable memories.

Also, what you should consider when looking into the option of camping is the wide variety of places where you can go for a convenient price. Choosing between the over 9000 campings in France, you can opt for a seaside vacation just as well as for one in the mountains, in the lake region and virtually anywhere else in the country.

But the main advantage of camping must be the fact that you are outside, in nature, enjoying the most picturesque landscapes, fresh air and the feeling of freedom of escaping, if only for a few days, the stress of work and the mundane routine.

The last dilemma will be choosing the most suitable camping for you. Depending on prices, level of comfort and facilities, entertainment options and infrastructure, you have a wide selection of places to look into. As an ending remark, we suggest a couple of them: the 3-star Montrose Domain Camping and the 5-star Vieux Port if you want to enjoy all the comfort of a classy French holiday.