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Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

In recent years, Croatia has come a long way in its attempt to impose its visibility in the tourist arena and has imposed itself as a very popular tourist destination, both for those looking for an exotic escape and for the ones in search of a cultural trip. Today we go sailing in Croatia, across the endlessly blue seas that have become so familiar and beloved by countless tourists.

Sailing is an unforgettable experience and I think everybody who has ever been at sea will agree with me – maybe with the exception of those who suffer from extreme seasickness. And with a bit of practice, negotiating a sea vessel is not at all an impossible task. The best option that can be suggested would be a yacht charter in Croatia. You can go sailing across the blue seas, relaxing with your family or friends in one of the vessels available, choosing the one perfectly tailored to suit your expectations.

For those familiar with the sailing universe, it is important to mention that there are catamaran charters as well to consider and that you can hire a skippered yacht charter if on the other hand you are not a proficient sailor. The prices are made to fit different pockets and the variety of brands of boats is large.

In recent years, Croatia has become a center for sailing, especially in popular tourist destinations like Split, Dubrovnik or Krk. These are all places where you can get a yacht charter. If you were wondering about the size of these vessels, their length varies from 25 to 70 ft and they can accommodate up to 12 people.

Those who have experienced sailing say you will want to return to the sunny coasts of Croatia year after year, in search of new adventures.