Best Recommendations For Vacationing In The Catskills

Best Recommendations For Vacationing In The Catskills

The Catskill Mountains, normally referred to as just the Catskills, are a beautiful forested, mountainous area situated in the southeastern part of New York. Most of the area is undeveloped due to government protection that makes it a great place to escape and enjoy the pure outdoors at its best. It is no wonder that the area’s population doubles during the summer with over 500,000 people venturing into nature and taking refuge from the crowded city only an hour or two away.

Places to Stay

There are many great places to stay in the Catskill region- from full-service resorts and spas to small bed and breakfast inns to vacation rentals; there really is something for every style of traveler and every budget. Here are some of the top picks for places to stay in the Catskills:

1. Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa – is a top notch Catskill resorts that is truly a favorite destination for many vacationers. This gorgeous resort boasts an incredible view of the mountains and is nestledin the middle of the forest providing privacy and nature’s beauty all around. They can host many types of events and retreats. With their newly renovated spa and fitness center along with a wellness center that offers workshops and stress management classes, they are the perfect place to come get rejuvenated. Activities and sports facilities are remarkable- the highlight is the golf course but the indoor sports facilities, yoga classes, and hiking trails are above on par as well. Some more unusual activities they offer are hang gliding, and horseback riding- both are exciting and fun ways to appreciate the beauty and scenery of the Catskill area.

2. Emerson Resort & Spa –  is open all year around and located in the beautiful Catskill forest that provides the perfect setting for a relaxing escape. They have top notch facilities including two hotels, shops, restaurants, and a full-service spa. Suites come equipped with fireplaces, private decks to take in the views and whirlpool hot tubs. The Emerson Resort is also a great place to have an event whether it is a wedding or a corporate meeting or large conference. They provide on-site wedding and event coordinators and teams to make your big events run perfectly.

3. Pinegrove Dude Ranch and Family Resort – is a great option for families and those who enjoy a little more of a relaxed and casual vacation style. It is still all inclusive like other resorts but is run more like a summer camp with planned activities and scheduled events running all day to keep you and your family on your toes and having tons of fun. They have over 30 facilities for indoor and outdoor activities that will capture everyone’s interest. The most popular activities include horseback riding on mountain trails, indoor pool with a slide, line dancing, bonfires, fishing and much more.
4. Skyway Camping Resort – is a great concept and a twist on the traditional Catskill resort style accommodations. This campsiteis actually considered luxury camping and is highly rated in the camping community. Every resource you can think of is available to campers such as full electric hookups, a swimming pool, dog runs, hot showers, flushing toilets, an on-site store, a laundry room, cable TV, kid’s play areas and more.These are no typical camping set up so leave your miserable camping memories behind and prepareto enjoy really this camping experience to the fullest. They even offer rental RVs with private bathrooms, kitchens, AC, and cable TV.

5. Full Moon Resort –  is also an unusual style of their sort because it has the feel of a simple but elegant bed and breakfast but can accommodate relatively large groups. They have a conference room, wraparound porch, café, library, and complimentary tea times. It is a great location for small weddings, retreats, conferences or workshops where you want an intimate and comfortable, yet elegant, setting.

Things to Do

There are countless things to do in the Catskills region thatis filled with beauty, nature and unique history and culture of its own.

Hiking – The region is perfect for nature lovers and hikers with its hundreds of miles of trails to explore. These trails wind through the foothills and forest near the mountains, streams, and waterfalls. It is quite a beautiful nature experience for people of all different hiking and backpacking abilities.

Kaaterskill Falls – These falls are not only the tallest falls in the state of New York, but they also have an important part in American history and art. These picturesque falls have been popular since the early 19th century and have made special appearances in classic paintings, poems, and books.

Catskill High Peaks – There are 35 mountains in the Catskill range that are higher than 3500 feet. They all have trails and hiking guides as well as a special hiking club called the 3500 club for those ambitious climbers that manage to climb all 35 of the Catskill peaks.

Howe Caverns– This ancient cave made of limestone and carved by water is the largest in the northeastern region of the United States. They have been made available able to public exploration, and advanced caving, and spelunking tools are not necessary. You are also able to partake in a guided adventure tour that is in a part of the cave where there is no artificial lighting and visitors are not usually permitted. Adventurers are given suits for crawling through the small, wet, cold spaces. Other attractions on the Howe Caverns property include cave aged cheese for sale, wedding services, ropes course, zip line, H2OGO ball, rock wall, air jumper and gemstone mining.

Bethel Woods Center For The Arts – The original site of the first Woodstock Music and Arts Fair is also a museum and cultural center now. It used to be a dairy farm and is now a non-profit performing arts center with a giant pavilion that can hold over 10,000 people. It is known for its beauty and awesome history in the music and art scene.