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Bordeaux by car

Bordeaux by car

I don’t know about you, but I know I am just so happy summer is (almost) here, at least in some parts of the world. So I thought I’d celebrate that with a trip to France. Join me as I explore Bordeaux by car!

South-Western France is dominated by an image of sunny landscapes, quiet life and prosperous wine producing industry. In the midst of all this, or rather, with everything revolving around it, is the beautiful city of Bordeaux – and yes, the wine does come from that region!

Often called “La perle d’Aquitaine” and “La Belle Endormie”, the city has been a center for wine production ever since the 8th century. A visit to one of the wineries outside the city is a must if you find yourself in the region. But “boozing” is certainly not the only reason one should visit the town!

You may be interested to know that much of the old city center is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The first tourist objective is the Palace des Quinconces, probably the most transited and photographed tourist destination, a symbol of the French Revolution.

Moving on, you will pass by the Grand Theatre and sample neo-classic architecture at its best on the Cours du Chapeau-Rouge, a truly regal street. But worry not if modernity is what you are in to: the Palace de la Bourse is one of the first and best urban projects in Bordeaux.

If you want to get out of your Bordeaux rental car for a moment and take a stroll through a park, you can definitely get a breath of fresh air at the Bordeaux Botanical Garden or at the amazing Maison des Chameaux.

Afterwards, you are free to climb back behind the wheel and drive comfortably to your lodgings in town.