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The best way to get around Porto City

The best way to get around Porto City

Everybody knows a thing or two about Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, but equally commendable is the beautiful unconquered city of Porto, the ultimate herald of Northern Portugal.

Known for its rich history, going back to ancient Roman times, for its architecture and particularly for its sweet Port wine, so appreciated by the Brits and not only, Porto is a large industrial and cultural center and a traffic maze for those unacquainted with it. So transport, our friends, is an aspect you really should consider before planning any outing in Porto.

The best way to get around Porto City is unarguably by car. There is, of course, an intricate network of public transport, but unless you are familiar with the city and the language, it may be a bit tricky to unravel their mysteries. Instead, you can opt for a Porto taxi transfer.

What is Porto taxi transfer? We know this is your question, so here is the quick answer: it is the best transport option inside Porto, a private transfer service that far outranks a simple taxi. You can have a modern car and a professional driver at your service for a ride around the city, from your pickup location to your destination of choice. The price is fixed for a wide range of destinations in Porto and outside the city.

Also, getting to and from the airport to start and end your vacation (respectively) in style is essential. If you book a taxi transfer from Porto airport online, you can always be sure that the driver will be at the airport (or at your hotel) to meet and greet you, equipped with a board with your name, on the day and at the hour of the transfer, ready to offer you an excellent ride.

And before we go, may we just warmly advise you to visit the UNESCO World Heritage city center of Porto, which can all be visited with a Porto airport transfer provided by the company.