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An idyllic Jamaica escape

An idyllic Jamaica escape

Dearest friends, the holidays are over and we are just beginning to come to terms with the realization that we need to come back to reality and probably to work. But do we ever really stop dreaming?

I think the cold winter days are just when we most need to take refuge from reality and dreaming of an idyllic Jamaica escape might be just the thing!

Amidst the crystal clear gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea lies a dream-like island country: Jamaica. Many have dreamed and sung about the exotic beauty of this earthly paradise, this veritably intercultural space, once reigned by the Spaniards, then ruled by the British. (Today, Jamaica is independent, by the way, as it has been since 1962).

Known for reggae, ska and dub music, for Bob Marley and for being the setting of many of Ian Fleming’s James Bond books, Jamaica nevertheless remains popular due to its exotic paradise-like landscape, with white-washed beaches, crystal-clear waters and huge palm-trees.

Though the epitome of an exotic island, Jamaica offers ample entertainment in its myriad of clubs, bars and spectacular local attractions. Nightlife, but also beach sports are at home here, so is music and liveliness. As for lodgings, there are plenty to speak of.

And among the best places to be in Jamaica, if you need the modern, Western commodities in your own room, is Jamaica villa and Ocho Rios villa. You will want for absolutely nothing in this fully furnished villa, fitted with the fastest WiFi, Satellite TV, DVD player, gaming consoles and Xbox, billiard tables, swimming pool and other amazing facilities. Not to mention Jamaican Ocean View Villa in Ocho Rios is really close to the sea, where you can just lie in the sun sipping a refreshing cocktail…

Isn’t this the ultimate January dream?