4 Great Reasons to Visit Edinburgh Castle

4 Great Reasons to Visit Edinburgh Castle

Do you know where one of the most famous and, at the same time, most mysterious castles is located? Right, in Edinburgh!
It hasn’t been inhabited by monsters and ghosts. Nobody was killed there in tortures, but nevertheless this huge building is considered to be very attractive.
Due to its long and complicated history, architectural style and arrangement, Edinburgh Castle can be included into the list of the most visited historical and architectural monuments in whole Scotland.

Why is it so popular?
According to numerous opinions, it is possible to make a definite conclusion: as to its attendance Edinburgh Castle can compete with the Tower of London and even with the Palace of Westminster.

What interesting things can be seen, if you are lucky to get there?
First of all, we would like to note that almost everything will amaze you from the first second: architecture, interior decoration, myths and legends associated with it, and even the road that leads to the fortifications.
Frankly speaking, it is difficult to imagine that Edinburgh Castle has never been the residence of the monarch, but is the most fortified and impregnable fortress in Scotland.

Want an original photo? – Welcome to Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Castle

This destination is a favorite place of all professional photographers. You can meet them there any season and any part of the day. The reason is quite simple. Photos of Edinburgh Castle, taken from different angles, are always amazing, and they can become a great decoration of any room, as well as any office.
And you should agree that such pictures are a true gift for your family photo archive!

Milestones in the history
History of Edinburgh Castle is so complicated that it is pretty hard to understand it. Everybody, who is interested in the past, knows that this place has been depicted in many books, but from time to time, new data appears and old information is refined, corrected or even disproved.

Let’s mention the most interesting facts:
1. Castle in the Scottish capital, under which an ancient volcano is sleeping, is considered to be the heart of not only the city but also of the entire country. The thing is that since ancient times there has been a legend saying that the one, who rules in Edinburgh Castle, has the whole Scotland!
2. Perhaps you will be surprised to know that in 1818 Walter Scott, who received an official permission from the authorities to investigate the former fortification, found a crown of Scotland right in this castle!
3. Did you know that Edinburgh Castle was a prison during World War II? German war prisoners were kept in its premises. Those people were not the ordinary ones, but only aces pilots of the Luftwaffe Goering. Perhaps that was the reason why Edinburgh Castle wasn’t suffering from the bombing.
4. After World War II it was fully owned by the Ministry of Defence and even included in the list of country fortifications.

What is Edinburgh Castle Today?


Not everyone knows that the visitors who want to get acquainted with the “heart of Scotland” should come to the castle along the street named “Royal Mile”.
What for? The thing is that this street is also one of the main UK attractions. Will you miss the chance to see anything interesting?

Are you asking how to get to Edinburgh Castle if you don’t know the city? Ok, there are several ways.
First of all you can take a bus. The fare around the city is 1.2 pounds (free for children under 5 years old).
Important! Drivers of Lothian buses do not give the change, you have to pay strictly designated amount, but the First Edinburgh drivers are more loyal to confused in unfamiliar pieces of paper tourists and always give them a change.
If you are confident in your driving abilities, you can rent a car right at http://uk.rentalcars24h.com/edinburgh-airport. In this case your trip will be maximum comfortable.

Being on the territory of Edinburgh Castle, first of all pay attention to the chapel of St. Margaret. This is a rather unusual place. First of all because it is an active Catholic church. But that’s not all. You see, not every day we get the chance to go inside the oldest building in the United Kingdom.
Now there is a popular museum in the castle. There are numerous exhibitions behind the barracks walls, in the “House of the Governor”, in huge rooms and in prison cells.

By the way, do not miss your chance to see the Stone of Destiny, located in one of the rooms. According to one legend it is more than 3000 years old, and it had once belonged to the daughter of the legendary Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II! It was she who brought the thing to the territory of modern Scotland, and on this stone all the country monarchs were crowned.
Many of us know that Stone of Destiny is a mystical artifact. According to another legend, Jacob was sleeping on it when he saw a wonderful dream in which the angels descended to earth on stairs. Can you believe it?

You will enjoy the so-called “Clock Gun”, which shots every day except Christmas. If you climb to the castle at 13:00, you will be able to see this unusual event. By the way it has been added to the NATO armory, and the shot is done by an experienced gunner.

We hope these facts have convinced you that there’s no more mystical and mysterious place on the Earth than Edinburgh Castle!

Lily Berns

Lily Berns