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The best destinations for Viking era enthusiasts (part 2)

The best destinations for Viking era enthusiasts (part 2)

There’s no better time like the present to continue our look at the best destinations for Viking era enthusiasts.

Lofotr Vikingmuseumm – Vestvagoy Norway

This is where you’ll find a replica Viking chieftain village, as well as an archeological site. The rather odd thing about this location is that Vestvagoy is one of the Lofoten islands and it is located well into Norway’s Arctic Circle. Despite this frigid location, archeologists have found the foundation of a mammoth 6th-century longhouse, 83 meters long and 0 meters high, by far the largest Viking era building ever found.

Nearby you can find a replica of the longhouse with a blacksmith’s hearth and two Viking ships as well as their boathouses. During the summer one can row around in the ships as well as partake in other wholesome viking activities such as axe throwing.

Completely unrelated but Star Trek: The Next Generation fans will surely want to stop in the nearby village of Borg to get some postcards.

Ribe – Denmark

The tiny town of Ribe was established in early 8th-century and is thought to be the oldest town in Denmark as well as one of the oldest in the entire Scandinavian region. Modern times have transformed it more into a bus tour attraction than town these days but the sheer number of historic building, houses, the cathedral as well as the country’s oldest town hall – 1496 – are incredibly compelling to visit.

As you might expect there’s also a Viking museum as well as a Viking cultural center, which offers you the opportunity of being a ‘volyunteer Viking’ or engage in activities such as ‘warrior training for children’.

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