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Get fit in Thailand

Get fit in Thailand

Ever thought about combining an exotic trip to Thailand with the possibility of either getting fit or losing weight? Well in this case you may want to consider heading for Phuket, Thailand and the wonderful resort of PhuketFit.

Going there and trying out their fitness program can prove to be a great experience from several points of view, not only will you come out of it dramatically increasing your level of fitness but you’ll also improve your strength and flexibility while at the same time you’ll be in the wonderfully exotic country of Thailand.

The programme started with a one-on-one meeting with a personal fitness and nutrition specialist and then it came time for the tests.

As part of the initial evaluation the doctor – in my case – takes a bunch of measurements like body fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass and water level measurements using all manner of calipers, scales and measuring tapes.

After that comes the calculation of your metabolism so that you can know what your specific daily energy expenditure is so that your nutrition can be balanced our in detail.

The great thing about the PhuketFit resort is that they will customize your programme so that to better help you with your fitness goals, or if your goal is weight lose with that.

The average week on the fitness programme included somewhere around five Yoga classes – great for stretching, relaxing and flexibility training, daily fitness classes – these take a few days to get used to but once you do it’s great, not to mention a bunch of TRX suspension classes, all of these and more come with a healthy meal plan and Muay Thai kickboxing classes.



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