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Losing weight in Thailand

Losing weight in Thailand

Whether you’re looking for a great holiday weight loss resort or you are already in Thailand and you’re interested in a very well rounded and balanced fitness program, PhuketFit is the place for you, so here’s a nice and quick PhuketFit review.

The weight loss program they offer is personalized and customized so as to allow you to work towards your goals and it all starts with a one to one meeting with the Detox Director and certified Nurse, with whom you’ll talk about the various lifestyle stressors and other factors that may be holding you back from losing some of your weight naturally. You might be astounded at how simple losing weight becomes after you do away with the various stress factors that assault you on a daily basis.

From the moment you start the program you will be supervized by the PhuketFit team who will track and measure your important stats.

When creating your individualized program, the professional team will take into account your metabolism, body fat percentage, water retention, fitness level, posture analysis.

Your program instructor is there for help and support and you can go and talk to them at any time you have questions about your program.

Depending on your goals and fitness levels at the moment you start the programme the PhuketFit trainers wukk start evert workout session by explaining the exercisces and ensuring that you are doing them in proper form. You’ll be taking somewhere around 2 or 3 daily classes that can include anything from Yoga, circuit training and Pilates to Kickboxing, weight training and Boot camp style training, to name only a few of the options.

What is certain is that regardless of the shape that you go into the PhuketFit programme you’ll come out in a completely different one both from a physical as well as a mental point of view.