April festivals (part 3)

April festivals (part 3)

In today’s look into April festivals we’ll start with a place known for its eclectic mix of music and food and then celebrate the birthday of a queen.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival – New Orleans, USA

If you’re into jazz then you simply have to visit New Orleans at some point during your life, and there are fewer times better than during none other than the post Mardi Grad New Orleans ‘Jazz Fest’ which takes place during the last weekend of Aprli and the first weekend of May.

The Jazz Fest started back in 1968 as a celebration of the city’s 250th birthday, attracting musicians like Louis aArmostrong, Duke Ellington and Dave Brubeck, giants of their time and of their genre across time.

Nowadays the event includes many other musical genres and it benefits from it, it’s a feel-good musical smorgasboard that plays out on more than ten stages across two weekends. The party starts in the morning and ends during the wee hours of the next morning.

Queen’s Day – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This celebration usually takes place on the 30th of April, except if the 30th falls on a Sunday in which case it is celebrated on the 29th.

Usually the idea of celebrating the birthday of a queen tends to involve a spot of tea and some very police and civilized conversation, but that’s not how the Dutch do it, they instead prefer to go nuts and give their queen a massive and noisy party.

Amsterdam is definitely the place to be to enjoy the party at its craziest, there’s a free market day throughout the city on this day – which means that everyone can sell anything they like, usually old stuff they don’t use or need any more – and the canals are filled with boats which themselves are filled with people dancing and having an all around great time

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