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Albufeira trip

Albufeira trip

Going on an Albufeira trip will take you to the central part of the Algarve, and actually position you close to the actual middle of the Algarve coast, thus giving you the perfect location for exploring the whole of the coast whichever direction you may want to go into.

The town of Albufeira is one of the most popular resort towns on the Algarve coast, attracting thousands of visitors each year and offering a great combination of history, modern-day café culture and some extremely entertaining nightlife.

The historic part of Albufeira is a great pull for many tourists, renovated and organized for tourist eyes, it’s where you get to see a part of Albufeira frozen in time, namely the city centre which is pretty much the same despite all the growth and change around it. The historic centre reminds those living here as well as those visiting of a time when Albufeira was nothing more than a simple fishing village. Thankfully modern life and tourist-centric activities have not spoiled the place at all.

Moving onto the other parts that make up Albufeira such an attractive town, there are now over a hundred hotels to choose from, so accommodation shouldn’t be a problem on your trip there and as far as the beach options go, there are two main beaches in the town itself. The Praja dos Pescadores – Fishermans beach – combines the great sea and sand with a variety of restaurants overlooking it, spreading the aroma of barbecued fish through the air.

The bars are open till late, most actually will be open till 4 AM during the summer months and only close at 2 AM during the winter ones, so those in a partying mood will still get their fun in.

There are a couple other attractions that should take up a bit of your time while in Albufeira however you’ll best enjoy these with the help of our Algarve car rental services because they are outside the city’s limits.