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Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira, Portugal

Ever heard of the town of Albufeira, Portugal? Well if you haven’t till now, you will get a basic idea of what the place is about by reading this short article of ours.

Now the settlement has been here for a long time, since at least Roman times when it was known as Baltum to only then be renamed Al-Buhera by the Moorish settlers, to then be re-taken by the Knights of the Order of Santiago. You’ll find that this chain of events is very common to the entire region, however it only benefits from this tumultuous history nowadays.

Albufeira isn’t exactly unique amongst the various Algarve holiday destinations, however as opposed to most the other locations Albufeira is not a highly specialized place, meaning that it can provide pretty much whatever type of holiday experience you’re looking for.

Those who are looking for lively nightlife, who enjoy hopping through the bars and clubs, well for them the Areias de Sao Joao area might just be the best place to stay in. This is where you’ll find the local ‘strip’, meaning a street of about two kilometers in length dotted with shops, bars, restaurants and a general partying atmosphere.

On the other hand, the Albufeira Old Town is a completely different experience, considerably a more relaxed and quiet one. The lovely central square is decorated with trees and the entire area is filled with quiet and cosy cafes and restaurants just waiting to satisfy the needs of a hungry or thirsty traveler.

As you walk away from the square you’ll enter a shopper’s paradise, the streets leading away from the square being populated with clothes shops, leather goods shops, gift shops and all sorts of other commercial establishments, including a lot more restaurants.

These are just a few of the major highlights that Albufeira, Portugal has to offer, rest assured that there’s much more to the place and that we’ll talk about it in the future a s well. Till then however, don’t forget to consider some Algarve car rental services for your transportation needs during your trip.