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5 Gems of Moscow

5 Gems of Moscow

Russia is a place of great contrasts, but the fact that it is a place of great beauty and majestic style is also undeniable, as is the lasting idea that you simply need to get there someday in your life; and what better place to start your Eastern trip than in the capital city of Russia? Here are 5 Gems of Moscow:

  1. The Red Square is by far the most popular rendez-vous place in the entire Moscow. It is the most popular plaza here and the heart of the town. From here, you can see a whole lot of attractions, such as the notorious Kremlin, the State Historical Museum, the beautiful Kazan Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum.
  2. Moscow is mainly about a couple of (contrasting) things: communist buildings and the somber Leninist air on the one hand and wonderful classical cathedrals and palaces on the other hand. You’d say? Well, there is always a middle ground to be found: the Dominion is most possibly the most abstract and modernist of Moscow’s buildings. This rectangular and stratified structure, with wavy staircases and curved walls is something else altogether.
  3. Ever heard of Maxim Gorky? He was a communist poet. Today, people hear “Gorky” and assimilate the name with the reopened central park on the bank of the Moscow River. There are cafes, bars and lots of facilities in the park. In warm weather, you can lie in a hammock, while in winter you can ice-skate on the massive rink there.
  4. The Armoury was founded by Czar Vasily III in 1511 and contains a wide variety of weapons, arms, but also jewels, icons and numerous other artifacts.
  5. Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most colorful and beautiful churches in the world and an unforgettable symbol of Russia.

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