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5 Must-see sites in Australia

5 Must-see sites in Australia

Much of what a European knows about the distant, peculiar Australia can be summed up in a short sentence: kangaroos, farming and deserts and maybe sunburn. But in fact it is a magnificent realm, so here are 5 Must-see sites in Australia:

1. The Sydney Opera House appears in most of the photos you can Google. It was built by the architect Jorn Utzon to resemble a giant sailing ship and is set in the breathtaking midst of the Sydney Harbour. It is a symbol of the town and the entire country and is situated near the Royal Botanic Gardens, another landmark.

2. The Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales is just 80 km away from Sydney and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. The blue shade is given by the eucalyptus trees that grow on the dramatic peaks and in the gorges. The adventurous sort can come here to hike, camp, bike or rock climb.

3. Fraser Island near Brisbane is actually the largest sand island on Earth. With its Champagne Pools filled with fish and spectacular images, this quiet and beautiful haven is home to dolphins, whales and scary sharks, but also wild horses, bats, dingoes and the cute sugar gliders. They all cohabitate in the music of over 300 species of birds.

4. Considered by some the top destination in Australia, Cable Beach in Broome is an amazing beach famous for its picturesque sunsets and the fun camel rides along the dunes.

5. Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, is home to countless museums and galleries, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, bars, clubs and shopping facilities to make your day!

Whenever you travel to Australia however, don’t forget to get your holiday insurance, as the sun can burn and unpredictable situations may always arise, so it’s always better to be on the safe side when it comes to your health and well being.