Things To Do In Darwin

Things To Do In Darwin

Located in the northern region of Australia, Darwin is one of the most populated cities in its county and at the same time it’s also a great tourist destination that does manage to bring in front quite a lot of interesting landmarks that you should definitely visit right away!

The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
If you want to really understand what makes Darwin different when compared to the other portions in Australia, then this museum and art gallery is definitely the place to start your trip. It offers a great insight into the local culture and history of the town as well as its adjacent region and at the same time it’s also free of charge, something that you should keep in mind at all times.

Defense of Darwin Experience
Another great experience for history buff comes from checking out this unique tour that will focus on the city defenses created throughout the years. The information is very interesting and the vistas are astounding!

Nature and wildlife tours
The nature and wildlife are definitely one of a kind in Darwin, so no matter if you choose to opt for the Adelaide river cruises, the outback floatplane adventures or just want to check out the zoo, you have a whole lot of stuff that you can do in regards to nature and wildlife.

Visiting Mindil Beach
This astounding beach not only manages to look great, but it does bring in front an astounding sunset and a wonderful way to relax yourself during your vacation.

Motorbike tours Australia
Since the visual appeal in Darwin is very impressive, visiting the local region via a motorbike is a very good idea that will help you get in touch with the locals and also immerse yourself into the beauty of this stunning place.

Australian Aviation Heritage Centre
Lots of cool aircraft models, most of which are old can be seen in this place, so if you love aircrafts or flying in general, this is a mandatory stop!

Leanyer Recreation Park
This is surely one of the best places where you can recreate with your family. Leanyer Recreation Park is designed to offer a whole lot of great experiences for people of all ages, not to mention that this can be seen as the perfect place for kids!

Crocosaurus Cove
Getting close to the wildlife has never been so personal and Darwin does indeed host the Crocosaurus Cove which is the most impressive place where you can see crocs in real life. They even have a cage of death that you can hop into and experience these creatures firsthand, but obviously that is not for the faint of heart.

There are lots of cool things to do in Darwin, so if you want to travel to this amazing location, you should definitely check out the locations and activities in this list. They offer you an extraordinary way to spend your Australian vacation, one that will create fond memories and great experiences which you will cherish for a lifetime!