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3 Tourist attractions in Olbia

3 Tourist attractions in Olbia

Since last time we started to explore the wonders of one of the greatest Mediterranean islands, Sardinia, we thought we’d stick around for a little while longer and unravel 3 Tourist attractions in Olbia.

Olbia is one of the most important cities in Sardinia. It has an ancient history, probably founded by the Punics. Even its name is of Greek origin.

Its Mediterranean climate means hot summers and warm springs and autumns, so tourism here is bound for a long season. There is much to see in Olbia and its surroundings, but in a nutshell, here are the tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss here:

The most important church in town is the Basilica Minore di San Simplicio, a Romanesque cathedral built around the 11th century. It is located near Via Mameli, at the very heart of town. Its front is granite and it looks quite imposing, but beauty lies in the historic frescoes inside.

The medieval Chiesa di San Paolo just a short walk from Corso Umberto was built on the site of an ancient temple. The facade is relatively recent, dating from the 18th century and the stone look is that of a beautiful, multi-colored dome.

Finally, the National Archeology Museum is a site you really must visit. Begun in the 1980s, the museum hosts a number of exciting exhibitions and includes the adjacent lands surrounding the Roman Olbia harbour. Several ancient and medieval ships were discovered nearby and they have been exhibited on the ground floor of the museum.

Apart from these exciting attractions, let’s not forget that Olbia is a seaside destination after all, so you can always choose one of the many beaches (such as the Porto Istana Beach or the Spiaggia Rena Beach) to just lie in the sand.

For transport inside the town, you can opt for public transport, but you’d much rather book an Olbia car rental – which is a service you can even arrange for online, in advance.