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3 sites not to miss in Geneva

3 sites not to miss in Geneva

Today we delve into the heart of European civilization again and alight in Switzerland to explore 3 sites not to miss in Geneva.

I must admit I had my bias against Switzerland before the trip I made a couple of years ago. These were normal stereotypes I had heard about, but still, I expected the place to be imposing, rather cold and somewhat “angular”, modern but impersonal, like the people, whom I imagined to be superior and altogether quite unfriendly.

But every journey unravels new perspectives and redefines truths. Here is what I think will bring you close to the heart of this Swiss city:

1. What is arguably the symbol of Geneva, the Jet d’Eau shoots up water some 140 meters high into the skies springing from the Bains des Paquis (which is a pseudo-beach in the center of

town). This is where the buzz of the city is, where some come for a swim, others for a coffee or a fondue, others get a cruise along the lake to see the greatest sights over the Mont Blanc.

2. The life of a city is directly linked to its history, so Geneva’s Old Town is, in my view, a site you can’t miss. An intricate labyrinth of narrow winding cobblestone roads and alleys with chick boutiques, restaurants and cafes, it also houses monuments like the Old Arsenal and the Hotel De Ville, erected in the 1600s.

3. Finally, I believe Switzerland is all about green and nature, so a day trip to Mount Saleve, a corner of Paradise just a few miles away from Geneva is a must. A beautiful point to sit on top of the world and just take a breath.

Switzerland is also ideal for road trips all around the country. For this, you can rent a car in Geneva and just enjoy the road!