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Cold versus warm destinations to spend the New Year’s Eve in 2015

Cold versus warm destinations to spend the New Year’s Eve in 2015

You’re always on time to plan an impromptu, last-minute holiday this winter. In principle, some people enjoy being home for Christmas and welcoming the New Year with their family or friends, while others prefer to be more adventurous and do something different in a new place. We’re not here to do pros and cons, but we are going to look into some cold versus warm destinations to spend the New Year’s Eve in 2015!

1. Cold: Luxembourg is a perfect posh European destination. With luxurious 19th-century architecture and infinite shopping options, both in the huge shopping centers and in the chic boutiques, this city – state is a perfect winter destination. This western European rich realm is a place to enjoy a white Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you need a Luxembourg airport transfer, book it online in a minute!

2. Warm: Spain is one of the most beautiful places to spend the winter season, although we suggest you don’t expect a white Christmas and a chilly January. Winter in Spain entails temperatures of around 10- 5 degrees Celsius and a lot of colorful traditions. Malaga, Alicante, Vigo and Mallorca are just a few of the Spanish destinations of choice. Book a low cost transfer in Spain and enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer.

3. Cold: Andorra is not just a cold small country somewhere between Spain and France. It is a great shopping and skiing destination due to its Pyrenees, the tall mountains that mark its landscape. You can also rent a car in Andorra if you want to travel throughout the land.

4. Warm: Madeira hosts perhaps the greatest and definitely the most exotic New Year’s Eve fireworks display. This special archipelago in the Atlantic is closer to Africa than Europe, though it pertains to Portugal. The special life of the island becomes particularly beautiful in winter, maybe also because the weather is mild. For airport transfers and car hire in Madeira, you can also book online.

So pick the best option!