Zagreb trip

Zagreb trip

Not many people consider a Zagreb trip because most tourists tend to make a beeline for Croatia’s coast but Zagreb is a fascinating destination on its own, blending the best that Eastern and Western Europe can offer.

Zagreb is the country’s political, economic and cultural capital and as a result it pulses with energy but while at the same time still retaining a good deal of old-world graciousness.

The town centre is dominated by Austro-Hungarian-era buildings which today house very elegant restaurants and fashionable boutiques, as well as pubs and rowdy beer halls. These in turn are complemented by a plethora of galleries which display the works of the artistic community and a lot of international stars perform in the concert halls while the clubs are filled with the hippest of DJs.

The residents of Zagreb live with a true appreciation of the outdoor, having been spoiled by a coastline that is only three hours-drive away.

Even during the winter, the centre park is rarely empty and when spring starts everyone heads to their favorite outdoor café to get in the midday sun. during the weekend the Maksimir Park in the east is a major destination for bikers, strollers and joggers, so the city is a very active place.

Zagreb trip sights

Trg Josipa Jelacica

This is the city’s geographical heart as well as its orientation point, so this is definitely the point to get in some quality people watching. This is where most people arrange to meet up for a day or evening out so simply sitting at one of the cafes and watching the tramloads of people coming in and out can make for a very pleasant experience.

Lotrscak Tower

This tower was built in the middle of the 13th century as a means of protecting the southern city gate. For the past hundred years, a cannon has been fired at noon every day in commemoration of the following historical event. Story has it that the cannon was fired at noon one day at the Turks who camped across the Sava River and on its what the cannonball hit a rooster which demoralized the Turks enough to not attack the city.

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