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BlueStone Wales National Park

BlueStone Wales National Park

Come experience the freedom to explore in a tranquil and inviting atmosphere at the Bluestone National Park resort. If you can’t remember the last time you pampered yourself, spent quality time with a loved one, or engaged in a fun activity then it’s time to break away and get reacquainted with life’s simple pleasures. Whatever your agenda, you will find something to appeal to your senses from the luxury accommodation, various restaurants, spas, shopping and numerous fun activities fit for all ages.

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Bluestone National Park Resort offers a variety of different accommodations with various designs and sizes that will suit any family size. There are 268 wooden lodges designed with a stylish appeal, but still has the outdoorsy feel of connecting with nature while providing supreme comfort. Located on a hill that encompasses the lake they provide both privacy and a close knit community setting. They also have one and two bedroom cottages or studios for people who prefer staying closer to the village life, restaurants and shopping.

They are also very Eco friendly. Using solar energy, encouraging recycling and employing a biomass centre to supply large amounts of power are just some of the ways Bluestone is environmentally friendly . Their dedication and commitment to its carbon foot print has been recognized by their community. In 2010 they won the Wales Environmental Award, by the businesses within community.

Bluestone National Park Resort is located in South West Wales within the heart of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which is 10 miles from Tenby.

While the resort does boast that it accommodates both families and couples, to get the most bang for a buck a family excursion is probably the best deal. Housing that board more than 2-3 people seem to be very reasonable. In addition, they have numerous arrays of activities geared toward family fun and bonding. Now that doesn’t mean couples will not enjoy themselves, the village also caters to the restaurateurs, shoppers and self-pampers but just be prepared to shell out some extra bucks.



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