Managua trip

Managua trip

Planning a Managua trip will take you along the sprawling silvery edges of Xolotlan to Nicaragua‘s capital

and the country`s nerve centre. One has to admit that it is a rather disappointing urban expanse when compared to most of the other capitals of the region. The boulevards are tree-lined, unmarked and populated with rather uninspired modern monoliths, so there’s not really much here to make one want to spend more time visiting than is absolutely necessary, but it can offer an interesting insight into the modern life of Nicaraguans.

You can get a wonderful feel of the city by ascending Loma de Tiscapa to Sandino’s famous silhouette, from where you can get the most spectacular views, from the ancient crater lake to the monumental Volcan Momotombo, as well as the wacky cathedral on the way. The volcanic skyline blends in with the cosmopolitan charms to give birth a great nightlife, excellent restaurants and most importantly, thousands of families rebuilding their nation.

Managua trip sights

Parque Historico Nacional Loma de Tiscapa

This is quite possibly the home of Managua’s most recognizable landmark, the earlier mentioned Sandino silhouette. This national historic park was once the site of the Casa Presidencial, where Sandino and his men were executed in 1934.

The top of Loma de TIscapa is actually at the edge of Volcan TIscapa’s little crater lake.

Huellas de Acahualinca

This is where you can find fossilized tracks that record the passage of about ten people, men, women and children as well as birds, raccoons and deer, across the muddy shores of Lago de Managua some six thousand years ago.

These tracks were found back in 1874. During an excavation undertaken by the Carnegie Foundation in 1941 and 1942, Chorotega ceramics about two metres down were later found, as well as other interesting artifacts, which can be seen at the on-site museum.