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World’s best treks with the best views (part 2)

World’s best treks with the best views (part 2)

Today we’re continuing our look at the world’s best treks with the best views and we’re starting with one of the most breathtaking treks and views in the world.

The Grand Canyon – USA

Trekking from one rim to another you get to veer to and fro along different trails. As you descend into this massive hole in the earth, you get up close to the very striking rainbows of brick hues filling the strata. Then there’s the creator of this incredible views, the meandering Colorado River beckoning your ears and eye to pass the pretty Ribbon Falls, the thirty meter high waterfall that resembles ribbons billowing in the breeze. Once you reach the bottom, you feel as tiny as an ant.

It would be a good idea to avoid visiting the Grand Canyon during the summer and the winter, because of the extremes in temperatures and keep in mind that a complete hike can take up to seven days.

Bathali village treks – Nepal

There are tons of paths and options to choose from when considering any Bathali trek because the surroundings that you’ll visit take you through the Kathmandu Valley, a great hiking place for families or people looking for more of a relaxing trek, rather than a taxing one. You’ll meander past Buddhist temples and rural hamlets, which will include the lovely bathali village which sits on a plateau amidst terraced rice fields and fusty-red thatched farmhouses.

During your multiday hike you’ll catch glimpses of the snowy Himalayan peaks and swatch of bright-green forest greet you. Threks around these pasts take between three to six days and can be done year-round however, we’d suggest avoiding rainy July and August and the deep-freeze in December and January.

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