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Difference between Boat and Yacht

Difference between Boat and Yacht

It is a common misconception among people that a boat and a yacht are the same things and they often use these words interchangeably to refer to them. Except the select few who actually know the differences and technicalities of the two words, all others use them in the same context. However, there are many differences as well as similarities between the two, which set them apart in some ways while make them similar in other ways.

A boat and a yacht are very different in shape, size, use, function, purpose and the technical regions. A thread bare analysis has been made below and the various differences have been pointed out to clear the confusion that plagues most people’s minds for once and for all.

Difference in size

A boat is usually small in size and has more or less a fixed type of shape. The length, breadth and design do not vary much and the area on board a boat is very less. A yacht, on the other hand, can vary greatly in shape and size, ranging from 6 feet to up to 200 feet long. It also varies greatly in design and the look and is often customized depending upon the type of use for which it is required. Also, the on-board area in yachts varies greatly and is much more as compared to a boat. Thus, there is a stark difference between the shape and size of a boat and a yacht.

Purpose or use

A boat is used for commercial purposes and by men of occupation for small distance travel, fishing transporting small things and other jobs. It is not used for recreation purpose and seldom used for sports or any other activity. However, on the other hand, a yacht has a variety of uses based on which it is designed. It is used by people for recreation, long journeys, racing and competitions, adventure trips, open sea travel and other purposes besides the general commercial uses. It can be put to a lot more uses and depending on them; the yacht is designed, shaped and prepared.

Ease and utility

A boat is built for commercial purposes and so it has less on-board space and very few amenities for the people aboard. The technology factor is often lacking because they are simplistic and mostly manual. This is because more than the comfort, the focus is on the work that is to be done. But in case of yachts, there is a lot of on-board space, spacious cabins, furnishings, technologically advanced fixtures and other amenities which make life easier for the people aboard it. Yachts can have one or more of these things depending on the type and purpose for which it is used.

Thus, as claimed by a company Arabian Yachting, there are a lot many differences between boats and yachts and hence the nomenclature has no similarity. This misconception therefore should be cleared and people one should have a clear understanding of how different a boat is from a yacht.



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