Working holiday jobs (part 2)

Working holiday jobs (part 2)

Today we’re continuing our look into the types of jobs that you can take on while on holiday, as a means of both immersing yourself in a place’s culture as well as actually financing your trip.


Except the situation in which you head to an exotic destination in order to find some inspiration to write a novel, the writing type of job that we’re referring to is journalism, travel journalism to be more accurate.

If you have an idea for a story and you have a bit of writing flair, pitch a story to the editor responsible for the relevant section of an appropriate newspaper or magazine – including online options here. Freelance travel stories can get you a bit of money from your holiday.

Waiting/working in a bar

Quite possibly one of the most approachable of holiday jobs, for most people, the option of working in a bar or restaurant is something that many individuals can do. Whether you’re working on the floor taking orders in a bustling café or filling pints in a village pub, this is totally the type of people-focused, culture immersive job. It doesn’t pay well and the hours are long and hard on your feet, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way of interacting with the locals, also don’t forget there are tips to be had.

Some experience may be required though, especially for working in a bar.

Cooking/working as a kitchen hand

This is a similar job to the other one, a qualified cook can secure work as a chef in a restaurant or a hotel, but even without qualifications you might still be able to work in a kitchen either to prep the ingredients, flipping burgers or washing up.

Farming work

For those of you who don’t mind getting your hands dirty, depending on the place you visit, you can find several types of ‘working the soil’ type of jobs. You may be picking fruit or planting crops, keep in mind that all of these options imply very long hours and physical exertion. It’s a different type of holiday job sure, but depends on your overall goal for your trip.