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Will the Eiffel tower be blue or pink now?

Will the Eiffel tower be blue or pink now?

Spring in France comes with an “avantgarde” question: Will the Eiffel tower be blue or pink now?

The emblem of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, has… well, towered over the city and its suburbs since the Turn of the Century. In those wonderful and glamorous years, the city was lit by the eye of the huge construction of Gustave Eiffel. The construction back then in 1889 was colored in a bright red to prevent rust. Along the years, the tower would change its original color to yellow, ochre and brown…

In 1968, it was painted in a red-brown in an effort to bring it closer to its old shine and luster.

These days, the Eiffel Tower is quite low profile from a chromatic point of view, shining mildly in a calm natural murky brown. But according to Le Parisien, the Ministry of Culture plans to revamp the emblematic monument. Whether the local authorities will choose a striking color, the original red or stay with a neutral shade remains a mystery – though not for long. The repainting of the monument will most probably last for about three years.

The Eiffel Tower has been repainted nineteen times throughout the years. One thing remains certain, though: the tower, regarded as a ridiculous and monstrous construction when it was erected, now one of the most recognizable buildings in human history and the indubitable symbol of Paris and France, will stay a symbol and still attract thousands of people every day!

Paris remains one of the most visited cities in the world, a hot destination for voyagers and romantics alike.

These days, though Paris has been losing part of its shine, there is something inherently authentic and bohemian in the capital city of France that attracts and entices us. You can get a Paris tour or rent a car in Paris, choose a Paris airport transfer and book your stay in a local hotel online.



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