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The most breathtaking beaches in Europe – Part 3

The most breathtaking beaches in Europe – Part 3

We have been speaking about the most breathtaking beaches in Europe for quite some time, so maybe it’s time you made up your mind already! What’s it gonna be for this summer? Which one of these amazing European destinations will have the honor of winning first prize for you?

Croatia is one of the hottest seaside destinations these years. The world has just started to discover how beautiful the country is and if you want a stunning charming beach in a little campy town, Moscenicka Draga Beach needs to top your list. Zagreb airport transfers can take you to the beach and back if you need transport.

La Concha Beach, San Sebastian in Spain is one of the most beautiful Spanish beaches. The world-renowned seaside destination, warm and pleasant throughout the year, the Mediterranean country welcomes thousands of years every year.

Other Spanish beaches to be considered are Pregonda Beach in Menorca and Playa de Ses Illetes in Formentera. Of course, these are just the few of the best ranking European beaches, but there are so many others and we sincerely encourage you to travel beyond the recommendations and let us find out more from you!

The beautiful Algarve, the south of Portugal, is one of the top seaside destinations in Europe. The shores of the Atlantic Ocean, chilly as they may be outside of the warm season, are extremely attractive in spring and summer, because the weather here is mild and warm and the beaches are extremely welcoming. Among the best beaches to explore here, one of my own personal favorites is Praia dos Galapinhos in Setubal. The beaches are located in the Natural Park of Setubal. This beautiful town is a great holiday destination. With Car Rental In Portugal, you can book a car and travel throughout southern Portugal without a care.



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