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You won’t believe these places actually exist

You won’t believe these places actually exist

You won’t believe these places actually exist because indeed they seem to be cut from the stuff of dreams, from the fibre of imagination. So we thought we would be sharing these with you to brighten your day too!

  1. The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine is a beautiful stretch of green wild vines and leaves which have grown around an abandoned railway. The effect is beautiful and the spot has become a popular attraction for romantics and for photographers.
  2. The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland look a lot like an enchanted forest (or maybe a forbidden forest). The tree-lines road that borders Antrim in Northern Ireland is quite easily recognizable for Game of Thrones fans as the Kingsroad. It might be an amazing experience, so be sure to put this green and fresh country on your list!
  3. Australia is a place of wonder, full of all sorts of exotic places and fascinating unique animals. Hiller Lake (also known as the Pink Lake) is one of the most fascinating and seemingly “unnatural” places you can ever admire. The waters of this inside lake are literally pink. Scientists give a quite prosaic and plausible explanation for the bubble-gum color of the waters of the lake: the presence of some very specific algae.
  4. Spain is also a place of wonder. Cala Macarelleta in Menorca is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and maybe even the world. Its turquoise warm waters are an attraction for many and Spain is always a great place to choose if you want to relax and have fun in the sun. With a Menorca transfer, you can actually enjoy all the freedom of transportation by car at your service.
  5. And while we’re talking sand and sun, Half Moon Beach in Jamaica is one corner of Paradise as well. You will love every moment of it, away from civilization and back into a purer reality.



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