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Why and how to book with HotelHut

Why and how to book with HotelHut

I don’t like to keep secrets, so when I hear good news, I like to share it with my fellow globetrotters. Today, I’m going to let you in a little secret – thus unveiling the secret and making it common knowledge for all those smart enough to listen. I`ll tell you about the cheapest and overall best hotel booking website as well as why and how to book with

At a certain point, after you’ve traveled the world extensively, this activity stops being just a hobby or a pastime and becomes a lifestyle instead. For some, it’s their job, so as you may know, there is a plethora of services to choose from and an extensive selection of providers ready to supply these services and cater for all your needs. As any seasoned traveler, I am always on the lookout for news and innovative ideas, deals and travel services available. This basically means that I plan for trips in detail. Here’s more or less how it goes:

I think of a new place to travel and after I’ve selected a destination, I look for plane tickets and lodgings. Flying low cost is not the only area where you can cut down on costs. Another way is to try to plan your budget and reduce spending money in tourist traps around the cities and attractions you visit. But one of the main advantages nowadays is that you can find your own accommodations online. You have a lot of options here, some are known and some are less know.

Booking hotels can be a fun activity, especially when you are looking for the best specialized websites and comparing prices. But finding cheap hotel rates is a quest sometimes. Anyway, even when comparing the prices of several websites, you will see these quotes differ very slightly. Sometimes, the difference is of only a couple of bucks. This leads me back to HotelHut and why it’s so great.

HotelHut is a “closed group”, membership required travel website. The fact that you need to join a closed group to become eligible to join the online community here actually makes the site more reliable. You can share ideas with other travelers, get all the information you desire and, probably above all, you can find the best hotels and the cheapest hotels available.

So what is the secret? The prices published on most booking hotels websites are only the best published prices for the public. Travel agencies practice lower rates, but require a membership. Usually prices on are around 20% lower than those on other similar sites. They have no additional fees and you can get the prices practiced by agencies (and even lower) independently.

And about that membership: it’s really not that hard to get the promo code you need. HotelHut has a Facebook group page you have to join. After that, you will be granted entry to the website cheap hotel rates database and you can start planning your trip, irrespective of your finances. It’s a great resource and you should really take it into consideration if you want to save some money and travel smart. Plus you have a selection of some 150.000 hotels to choose from all over the world. Enjoy!