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September 2016 events in Madeira

September 2016 events in Madeira


It may be called “the Island of the Eternal Spring”, but there is “a truth universally acknowledged”, as the writer would say: summer lasts longer here, definitely well into the first month of autumn. A visit here will prove happy and eventful, so here are our September 2016 events in Madeira.

As Catholics, the people in Madeira celebrate many pilgrimages and religion has an important place in the life of the island. One of the celebrations that mark the events calendar is the Festival of Senhor Bom Jesus. It is a large pilgrimage in Madeira and is celebrated between September 3rd and 4th 2016 in Ponta Delgada. Large crowds gather in the village and enjoy a traditional festivity with food and drinks and games after the procession.

One of the most famous people who ever lived in Madeira is the great explorer Christopher Columbus. He came to visit the island in 1478 and subsequently married the daughter of the captain of Porto Santo.

Every year, the locals of Porto Santo Island celebrate the Columbus Festival reenacting the arrival of the navigator on the shores of Madeira. Join the fun between September 15th and 17th 2016!

Madeirans celebrate agriculture… like, a lot! They have a banana festival, a cherimoya festival… and an Apple Festival as well. If you need a lift, you can have Madeira taxi transfers take you to Ponta do Pargo

somewhere between September 15th and 18th and taste the most flavorful apples while also enjoying good food, a glass of Madeira wine and excellent company.

And if we celebrated all apples one week, the following we get to “specialize” in cider, because September 24-25 is the time we celebrate the Apple Cider Festival in Santo da Serra.

We end the month with the 27 September 2016 World Tourism Day – Funchal.



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