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Try Out Travel Food when going Around the World

Try Out Travel Food when going Around the World

One of the things you must appreciate in each place you travel to is the food. Therefore, you must try the travel food in each place you go to. In case, you don’t know their authentic food, you can research about it online. Each country surely has food that is so good that it is available in other countries too.

However, you won’t be able to taste a version that is as good as theirs so you have to save your appetite by working out a lot before visiting the restaurants there. You are going to be in for a treat when you try the delicious and authentic travel food in each country. For example, you have to try the Kare-Kare, Pork Sinigang, Sisig and Pork Binagoongan when you visit the Philippines.

The country is also a rice country so you can expect there to be tons of variations of rice. That is just in the main city because the provinces also have their own authentic dishes for you to try. For example, in the province Bicol, there’s the Bicol Express which is spicy so it is not recommended for those who have a low tolerance on spicy foods. At Hong Kong, you have to try the Pork Bun, Hakaw and Shark’s Fin. The Pork Bun is really recommended when it is freshly made even though I would love to see it with other meat inside like why not serve it with chicken or shrimp? I can imagine that would taste really good too.

When you are blogging about the country you visited then it is only right you include the travel food in the post. Besides, there are a lot of foodies today who go to other countries just to try their food so they may want to know what the dishes to try are. You must also put the address of the restaurants that have them. You must have a good camera though so you can take good pictures of the travel food. If you just take a picture using an old mobile phone then the photos won’t be presentable. It is ideal to always bring a DSLR with you when you travel so you always have good pictures of your adventures and the travel food.

The description of the food should also be in detail as you should ask the servers the ingredients of the dishes as well as the unique details about it. Some dishes are slow cooked for 3 days while some were fried until it is crispy. Those are the details that should not be missed other than saying the dish is delicious. You can expect readers to question why the dish is good other than describing what it looks like and the ingredients it is made out of.

The travel food is something to look forward to when you visit another country when you did your research. In fact, it can be one of those factors that would make you want to come back there. Hungry? I guess so, just get more hunger on travel food



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