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Traveling as a couple

Traveling as a couple

traveling-as-a-coupleTraveling as a couple might present a unique type of challenge, it depends of course on how long you’ve been a couple and how compatible you are to begin with, but even the best of relationships can be strained under the stress of long-term travel.

A serious long-term trip can indeed test your relationship, but it can also be a great way of bonding with your partner because you’ll have to go through a series of planning, doubts and logistics negotiations before you actually set forth on your trip, and there are a couple of pre-trip myths that might cause you to not go on the trip, so we’ll talk about them here.

Myth about traveling as a couple

One major myth is that spending that much time together, 24 hours a day will probably break you up, because most people aren’t really used to spending that much time with their partner. This myth could prove to go either way to be honest, in the majority of cases it will just be a myth, but those relationships that are not based around some core understandings will most likely fray at the edges.

Then there’s another myth – for those considering a long-term trip – people say that traveling for a longer term will be impossible because you can’t quit your job and just go traveling. If you have enough money saved, you can totally do it, it will make the entire traveling experience considerably less stressful, especially if you plan on traveling for half a year or more, you might actually find a job wherever you traveled to.

Advantages of traveling as a couple

One major advantage is in relation to budget, because in most destinations around the world, a double room will only be slightly more expensive than a single, and of course you can share dishes, which is great for those looking to explore the gastronomic culture of a place – which you should totally do by the way.

One other advantage will be that you’ll really get to know the words of your partner, and that can be very important in the long run.

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